RoyalRay RR9 series Long Distance ISO15693 HF Tag Readers Selection Guide
RoyalRay RR9 series long distance ISO15693 HF tag readers consists of 29 models. Besides fundamental tag read/write function, they provide advanced tag operations such as scan-mode, transparent command, addressable multiple antenna port etc. RR9 series HF tag readers can be widely applied in many RFID application systems from personnel/goods channel administration, storage management, industrial process control to item-level goods management.

Summary of RR9 Series ISO15693 HF Tag Readers

1. Effective distance is related to the antenna, the size and performance of the tag and the environment;
2. “Bidirectional” means the reader receive commands from host and send back the process results. 
3. “Transparent Command” is only available for reader models with T suffix (e.g. RR9001T), RR9296A and other reader models with its firmware version over 6.0;